More Portfolios
These are photographs made in cemeteries on the outskirts of Paris. Perhaps moved by recent deaths within my own circle of family and friends, I have found myself drawn into them and passed hours there, walking, photographing and reading inscriptions, hardly noticing the passing of time until the bells announced the closing of the gates.

One of the first things I noticed was the small ceramic flower decorations placed atop many of the tombs. I was attracted to the way the decorations stood out against the various gray stones upon which they were placed. Sometimes the ceramics look fresh and new, their colors almost lurid, and sometimes they are broken and faded. Likewise the stones they rest on vary from smooth and glossy to weathered, mottled, and covered with moss and lichens. The almost uniformly overcast autumn light and often rainy weather contributes to the look of the photographs.

Beyond the visual, I was interested by the idea of preserving delicate, evanescent flowers in such an opposite medium. It seems much like the way the tomb itself with its inscription tries to preserve the memory of a fragile and vanished life. 

A selection of these photographs will be displayed at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, between Jamuary 16 and February 21, 2015.
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