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I began photography in New York City after graduating from college with a degree in English Literature. Since 1973, I have lived in Boston working as a photographer of works of art. In 2000, stimulated by the arrival of high quality color printing technology, I began to devote more time to personal photography.

I exhibit at Gallery Kayafas in Boston. I have photographs in the collections of the Smith College Museum of Art, the Bowdoin College Art Museum, the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. From September 12 to November 7, I am exhibiting 23 photographs at the Main Branch of the Brookline Public Library. 

I'm interested in the look of things. My photographs spring from seeing formal qualities and visual relationships that are inchoate or semi-expressed in the visible world and wishing to transform them into a work of art. I look for something to catch my eye, to wave me over, to ask me to photograph it: the overlooked ordinary. The subsequent realization of these perceptions in print form is the mysterious and unending satisfaction of the photographic process.

The photographs respond to the successes or failures of the ones that came before them. The process is visual, not driven by a preconceived idea, not made to illustrate an assigned subject matter. The subject is all the formal relationships within the finished print. The artistic impulse may be driven by age and loss, anger and regret, by a desire for freedom and play, but the statement is the photographs.

Greed, hatred, indifference and love, in wildly unequal proportions, have given us the world in which we live. Soon – perhaps fortunately – we will be gone from it, individually and collectively.

And yet.... It may be that, like an echo, something will remain of our various attempts to give sense to it all.


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