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Fragments | Tokyo

In June of this year, I was sent to Tokyo for a 1-day assignment. I decided to stay for a week, to make time for personal photography. This had nothing - or not much, anyway - to do with Tokyo; I would happily have done the same thing in Peoria. I wasn't trying to document Tokyo in a week. I was merely doing what I like to do anywhere: to go around more or less at random, waiting for something to catch my eye, to wave me over, to ask me to photograph it: the overlooked ordinary. To paraphrase Frank O'Hara: First I saw this, then I saw that. What I seek in my practice of photography is to recover a sense of freedom, of liberty, of play. And I hope to convey that in the prints, so that viewers might take away a bit of it as well.

These prints are a distillation of that week. Minus the humidity, of course.

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins."  – Eliot, The Waste Land

"It is not where it is or what it is that matters, but how you see it."  – Saul Leiter

For Karen always, and in memory of Adam Timrud, filmaker, photographer, friend.

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